About us

Kolhida Metal AD is a fully private company established in 1992. It specialises in the design, manufacturing, and supply of hot-dip galvanized metal structures and products, in accordance with the technical specifications, drawings, and the requirements of the customer, both within the territory of the country and across all other countries of the EU.

The company provides services such as hot-tip galvanization, powder coating, 2 and 3D laser cutting of sheet metals and tubes, tube and sheet metal bending, and welding, with certified quality, export of metal products, etc.

The manufacturing equipment of the company is state-of-the-art and is suitable for the production of all types of complex metal structures and configurations.  

The company owns various structures occupying more than 14,000 square metres – factory units, production halls, and others, and outdoor spaces of 32,000 square metres, including warehouses for materials, warehouse for finished products, parking lots with adjoining infrastructure, which are the workplace of more than 250 highly qualified professionals – engineers, technicians, fitters, welders, mechanics, builders, assemblers, constructors, etc.

The high quality of the structures made by the company is guaranteed by the quality management system under ISO 9001:2008 adopted and maintained by the company, and the certificates issued by TUV Rheinland – Germany.

The company is constantly reinvesting in new production lines and machinery designed to accelerate the production processes and improve quality, and is expanding its manufacturing premises.  

Kolhida Metal AD is one of the leading companies in this industry and at the same time a reliable supplier for large companies in the construction, telecommunications, and casino industries, as well as farming and agriculture, power transmission, and waste collection.  

The company Kolhida Metal AD has also proven its worth on the Western markets with the high quality of the products it makes. The company exports to the other EU Member States, as well as countries like Serbia, Turkey, Switzerland, etc.  

The company Kolhida Metal AD is one of the leading companies in this industry and a major supplier for the large companies in the road construction, waste collection, power transmission, telecommunications and other industries.